May. 28th, 2012

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I had a strangely vivid dream about The Bill last night (early nineties vintage, obv.), and am now FILLED WITH DESIRE to see masses of it, and there it isn't. Telly offers nothing, YouTube is limited and also currently loading in at the rate of 2 seconds/minute (though what clips I can find I seem, distressingly, to know by heart, which is why I have no room for any useful knowledge, like a second language) DVD releases are crawling through season five at a rate that would take them thirty years to put out the entire series (not that I want the entire series) and my videos of a few choice cuts are with my brother, and I am with my parents. It's probably for the best ... The Bill can eat a lot of time. I loved it SO MUCH though and it's been really odd to revisit that feeling 'cause I've barely thought about it over the past decade. It was my favourite programme for a while, and also my first active fandom. I could definitely have been described as a fan of Star Trek, among other things, but I didn't actively participate in fannish activities with other people. With The Bill ... well, I first came online (I am a robot) in 1998, and within, ooh, thirty seconds I was in the TB slash. I'd guessed it existed - I mean, I knew about fanfic through reading around Star Trek fandom, but I'd never read any, and I suppose I didn't know for sure that The Bill inspired it too, but I knew if it did existed it definitely lived on the internet. Earlier today I found that very first site I visited (barely changed), and the first fic I ever read. Actually one change was a link to the author's LJ. We have mutual friends. It's a weird little world, is the world.

Also I've remembered how very good The Bill was at its best, before it went soapy and abysmal. I don't mean that as a dig at soaps, by the way, some of which I've watched and drawn great enjoyment from the watching of, though I don't watch any at the moment ... more that The Bill wasn't a good soap, and before it went in that direction it was so fabulously different, and so reticent and icebergish. It was procedural - we almost never followed the characters home (which was often the section house rather than a private home), and never for reasons not connected to the job (one notable example was watching June Ackland's house get torched in the episode Fire) and now I can't get rid of my italics. By which I mean ... ergo private lives remained largely private and - while it all seems genuinely present and hidden rather than underwritten - we seldom learned the motivations and backstories behind certain characters' behaviours, neuroses, fears, prejudices, triggers, the italics have gone again, hurrah for that. I am losing my thread. Lots of room for speculation is basically what I'm saying. Which I enjoy. I'm going to call a halt to my long rambling ramble about The Bill now. It seems weirdly timed. I feel old and strange.


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