Oct. 14th, 2012

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I went to the final Connotations a week ago and totally posted about it in my head, but not actually on my journal. It was lovely. I learned that I am a very pure person (there was a neverending survey), I saw people I hadn't seen in about six years, and also Durham Cathedral. Well, the outside bits. Someone was singing inside. I wasn't massively excited by the con aspects of the weekend, that sounds wrong, but I'll keep going, because as I think we all know the things about which I'm fannish don't have satisfactory fandoms, and the other things I haven't really watched, but it's nice just being in a fannish atmosphere where people talk fannishly, even if it is primarily about Teen Wolf. I did slightly come out of it feeling that I haven't read or watched anything ever. Maybe listing the things I'd be fannish about if they had fandoms would help.

1. Nightingales. There is no Nightingales fandom, or viewers.
2. Star Trek: Voyager. There is a Voyager fandom, but it's too fond of Chakotay.
3. Star Trek: all the others. OBVIOUSLY there is Star Trek fandom. I'm just not in it. I've read all the fic I want to read. I hate the new film(s).
4. The Trip. There is fic! Probably all the fic that this fandom can support. Six-episode series are not the best supporters of fandom.
5. The Damned United. WHY IS THERE NO FIC?
6. Time-Team. Bargain Hunt. These are mostly just things I watch. I didn't really expect there to be fic. There totally could be though.

(Auf Wiedersehen, Pet. The Number 1 Ladies' Detective Agency. Local Hero. Various sitcoms. The nineties. I know I'm sort of dwelling on the things I wish had fandoms instead of getting into the things that do. Or just getting properly involved in the things I've actually watched that have fandoms. Hornblower had a fandom. So did Jeeves & Wooster, and Ghostbusters. We do not speak of Lost. SHAH RUKH KHAN though. I know that the SRK fic I want to exist is massively unlikely ever to and the films are quite good at being amazing. Weather presenters. Willie Nelson/Waylon Jennings. Blazing Saddles. Knightmare. Watership Down.)

I'm bored of listing things now. I suppose there's always The Great British Bake-Off. That has a fandom, though it's mostly on Tumblr. I sort of can't abide Tumblr. I could if it was just pictures, but I can't cope with the way people speak on there and the inability to finish sentences. I just. I can't even. Does anyone ever comment to say 'You can't even what? FINISH YOUR SENTENCE. DON'T MUMBLE, BERTIE'? They probably don't. Most people are nicer than me. But yes. The Bake-Off. I haven't seen any fic. I sort of doubt there will be any, and if it did exist it'd be John/James, who I like well enough, but they're hardly Brendan. I want Brendan to win so much I'm slightly terrified. He's amazing. I've put him into my Immune from Smug box along with Stephen Hendry and Michael Schumacher. They're not smug. They're just best.

Hendry and Schumacher also do not have much in the way of fandoms.

I should be writing. I'm not writing.
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OH MY GOD, 1 minute and 3 seconds, what episode do you come from and why have I never seen you before?


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