Feb. 4th, 2013

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This is about how I went up to Bandra on Saturday to stand outside Shah Rukh Khan's house, and there weren't very many people there, which is strange because people aren't normally so wrong, and then later that evening I went on a Mumbai By Night tour and I slightly foolishly told the guide, Jagdish, that I'd spent a portion of the morning standing outside Shah Rukh Khan's house. Jagdish said that Shah Rukh Khan isn't particularly popular anymore because he thinks he's such a big star. No, I failed to say, he KNOWS he's such a big star. He's not an idiot. There's not much point in his pretending he isn't a big star. I mean, yes, he does slightly preface a lot of his interviews with a contextualising statement about what a big star he is, but SO WHAT? And I didn't say any of that. I asked who was popular at the moment, and Jagdish said Salman Khan. That's Salman Khan who's about to go on trial for running over and killing a street sleeper with his SUV. Oh world.

Quite near Shah Rukh Khan's house is a giant poster with Amir Khan's face on it. I thought that was fabulous.


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