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Did anyone see the Grand Prix yesterday? The podium interviews were faintly hilarious because both Raikkonen and Vettel forgot they were being broadcast to the BBC's various Sunday afternoon and primetime audiences worldwide and copiously swore at David Coulthard. Not at him, but in his presence. I've never seen that happen before, but then they don't normally do the press conference on the podium. Maybe the lack of media trappings made them forget their media training. Alonso didn't swear. He's a good boy. And at least Raikkonen found something to say. His initial answer, pre-desperate-further-probing, was something along the lines of 'Don't know'. He makes Hakkinen seem positively loquacious. Though I did enjoy his in-car radio broadcasts during the race, in which he was told banal things along the lines of 'keep driving' and 'watch your tires' and bellowed 'LEAVE ME ALONE!' in response.

(Schumacher's retiring again. He announced this several weeks ago but I'm still feeling fairly sulky about it. This has been a dreadful year for sport. Yeah, Olympics, whatever. Schumacher and Hendry retired. They are ALL OF SPORT to me.)

Okay. I have finished researching artisan fishing in Chile now (or whatever it was I was researching), so technically I should get off the internet and write something.


Oct. 24th, 2012 10:15 am
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My friends' page has just gone sixteen hours without being updated, and even with my number of active friends in the low teens and with LJ is the middle of its long drawn-out demise this is unusual, so I'm just posting a pointless post of pointlessness to check that I'm not having refreshing issues or something. CARRY ON NOT CARRYING ON.
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My brother's girlfriend just turned the living room light off without asking. I must admit it doesn't make as vast a difference as I thought it might, but I'm nonetheless tempted to get involved in a passive aggressive light-switch war. y/n
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OH MY GOD, 1 minute and 3 seconds, what episode do you come from and why have I never seen you before?
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I went to the final Connotations a week ago and totally posted about it in my head, but not actually on my journal. It was lovely. I learned that I am a very pure person (there was a neverending survey), I saw people I hadn't seen in about six years, and also Durham Cathedral. Well, the outside bits. Someone was singing inside. I wasn't massively excited by the con aspects of the weekend, that sounds wrong, but I'll keep going, because as I think we all know the things about which I'm fannish don't have satisfactory fandoms, and the other things I haven't really watched, but it's nice just being in a fannish atmosphere where people talk fannishly, even if it is primarily about Teen Wolf. I did slightly come out of it feeling that I haven't read or watched anything ever. Maybe listing the things I'd be fannish about if they had fandoms would help.

1. Nightingales. There is no Nightingales fandom, or viewers.
2. Star Trek: Voyager. There is a Voyager fandom, but it's too fond of Chakotay.
3. Star Trek: all the others. OBVIOUSLY there is Star Trek fandom. I'm just not in it. I've read all the fic I want to read. I hate the new film(s).
4. The Trip. There is fic! Probably all the fic that this fandom can support. Six-episode series are not the best supporters of fandom.
5. The Damned United. WHY IS THERE NO FIC?
6. Time-Team. Bargain Hunt. These are mostly just things I watch. I didn't really expect there to be fic. There totally could be though.

(Auf Wiedersehen, Pet. The Number 1 Ladies' Detective Agency. Local Hero. Various sitcoms. The nineties. I know I'm sort of dwelling on the things I wish had fandoms instead of getting into the things that do. Or just getting properly involved in the things I've actually watched that have fandoms. Hornblower had a fandom. So did Jeeves & Wooster, and Ghostbusters. We do not speak of Lost. SHAH RUKH KHAN though. I know that the SRK fic I want to exist is massively unlikely ever to and the films are quite good at being amazing. Weather presenters. Willie Nelson/Waylon Jennings. Blazing Saddles. Knightmare. Watership Down.)

I'm bored of listing things now. I suppose there's always The Great British Bake-Off. That has a fandom, though it's mostly on Tumblr. I sort of can't abide Tumblr. I could if it was just pictures, but I can't cope with the way people speak on there and the inability to finish sentences. I just. I can't even. Does anyone ever comment to say 'You can't even what? FINISH YOUR SENTENCE. DON'T MUMBLE, BERTIE'? They probably don't. Most people are nicer than me. But yes. The Bake-Off. I haven't seen any fic. I sort of doubt there will be any, and if it did exist it'd be John/James, who I like well enough, but they're hardly Brendan. I want Brendan to win so much I'm slightly terrified. He's amazing. I've put him into my Immune from Smug box along with Stephen Hendry and Michael Schumacher. They're not smug. They're just best.

Hendry and Schumacher also do not have much in the way of fandoms.

I should be writing. I'm not writing.
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I was going to express my feelings on the Howard Barker 'I don't care if you come and see my plays; I'm not interested in entertainment' article on Facebook, but someone else did so before I got the chance and their feelings were along the lines of I QUITE AGREE. So I'll leave the semi-quotation here instead, and you can guess my feelings. You can definitely guess my feelings. My feelings are quite easy to guess.

Also SPOILER left the bake-off last night. I didn't want SPOILER to leave. Actually SPOILER was one of the two people I most wanted to win. SPOILER and SPOILER. Sorry. This is what happens when you suddenly find you lack the inclination to do lj-cuts. But anyway. I think all of them are potential and deserving winners now, but my stand-out favourite is SPOILER. Oh SPOILER.
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I've been out and about today, so not much time for arting, but have this picture of a pile of scones and croissants I spotted in a cafe this morning.
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I know it's sort of wrinkly and shoddy and awful but it makes me laugh every time I look at it. Basically the plan is to make a real one out of wood and plumbing. In time for day 31. Or maybe just some quilling.
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The land of tiny houses. It was going to be a lot more detailed but my pen started to run dry, so it isn't. You get the idea though.
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I'm reconciling myself to the existence of my brother's new girlfriend by referring to her as The Frenchwoman and pretending she's Rousseau from Lost. I'm setting myself up for a fall though. I can't think of many things more disappointing than finding your brother's girlfriend isn't actually Rousseau.


Also I lost a big chunk of time today by discovering that YouTube has quite a number of very early (as in 1985-6) episodes of Neighbours. Not a thing I realised I wanted to extensively review. And yet I do. I love most of all how much Paul's family love him, considering he's Paul.
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I've been meaning ever since the Olympics ending to post What I Thought About the Sport, but it seems a bit out of date now. I do a tremendous amount of meaning to post about stuff (stuff being swimming in public pools, redrafting, reading, how many Indiana Jones films ARE there?, Men of Harlech, the French National Anthem and The Waltons) and very little actual posting about stuff. Mostly I thought there was too much sailing (I like the thought of sailing, but not the watching people do it), too much cycling, diving's scary 'cause I keep thinking they're going to scalp themselves on the way down, gymnastics is my favourite one to watch but I don't really believe it obeys the laws of physics, the men's 4x100 relay team disappointed me by failing to contain anyone from the nineties but won my love by messing up the changeover like they always do, swimming is quite boring, my breaststroke technique is better than I thought but I move at the speed of the slow-motion replay, badminton cheating is not as interesting as formula one cheating, which isn't cheating anyway, it's winning, I don't understand handball, judo or any variant of cycling, especially the one where Mark Cavendish complained about the Australians' not making an effort to aid the UK team to victory, tennis, why, I loved everyone who adored their bronze medals unconditionally or scrabbled to dig up some adoration for their bronze from the very base of their being, and I don't think javelin judges get enough credit for courage in the face of javelins.

In disconnected news, I had my hair cut again yesterday. I think it's at its shortest yet, though only by a millimetre or something. The hairdresser said I had nice hair. I said thank you, 'cause that's how I've been trained. My first thought was that it's hard to know what to do about a random compliment on something you've put basically no effort into, but my second thought was that putting no effort into your hair is probably what's best for it, so, you know, go me. I really like my hair at the moment anyway (I could maybe do without the greying temples, but clearly I don't care enough to do anything about them). I've had it short for over two years now and I still catch sight of my reflection and think 'OH! I have short hair! That's grand'. I'd wanted it short for ages while somehow worrying it wouldn't suit me and I'd massively regret it, and I'd been telling myself for some years that I'd get it done when I turned thirty without believing I really would, and then a month after I turned thirty I actually did. And I'm glad I did.

I have no idea what I shall do for tomorrow's Naarmamo. I want to save my strips for an epic quilling at the end of the month. I would like to create a watercolour I'm happy with, but that seems unlikely. I don't actually have proper watercolours that lives in tubes: they're those little blocks that only leave a vague idea of a distant memory of an unspecified colour somewhere near but not actually on the paper. Watercolours vex me.
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Things around the house that look disturbingly sentient (alien ironing board, sad taps and a steam cleaner that looks like a traffic warden with big hips).

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