Nov. 5th, 2012

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Did anyone see the Grand Prix yesterday? The podium interviews were faintly hilarious because both Raikkonen and Vettel forgot they were being broadcast to the BBC's various Sunday afternoon and primetime audiences worldwide and copiously swore at David Coulthard. Not at him, but in his presence. I've never seen that happen before, but then they don't normally do the press conference on the podium. Maybe the lack of media trappings made them forget their media training. Alonso didn't swear. He's a good boy. And at least Raikkonen found something to say. His initial answer, pre-desperate-further-probing, was something along the lines of 'Don't know'. He makes Hakkinen seem positively loquacious. Though I did enjoy his in-car radio broadcasts during the race, in which he was told banal things along the lines of 'keep driving' and 'watch your tires' and bellowed 'LEAVE ME ALONE!' in response.

(Schumacher's retiring again. He announced this several weeks ago but I'm still feeling fairly sulky about it. This has been a dreadful year for sport. Yeah, Olympics, whatever. Schumacher and Hendry retired. They are ALL OF SPORT to me.)

Okay. I have finished researching artisan fishing in Chile now (or whatever it was I was researching), so technically I should get off the internet and write something.


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