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2013-04-15 10:56 am


I just friended someone on Facebook (the bravest thing I'll do all month) of whom I've always been slightly in awe. She ran the branch of the women's group I volunteered with in 2004, though her main career was to do with farming practices, and also she taught microbiology. She lives in Mumbai now, where she was born: I met her in Dharamsala. She divorced her husband (in a friendly fashion) because they were bored of one another, in a region where divorce is not a slight thing, she did nothing for the sake of making an impression, she always wore jeans, she thought Jagori's calender celebrating the beauty of genitalia 'rather silly', and she smoked in public quite a lot. I always thought she was kind of amazing.

Anyway, Facebook informs me that she's just celebrated her 60th birthday by riding across Florida on the back of her nephew's Harley Davidson. So I was right.