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I've just discovered that Sarah Millican has a dog called Commander Tuvok.
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I do not like the news about Michael Schumacher, who as you may or may not know I love a bit. I mean, actually I hadn't thought about him in many months until two nights ago when I had a dream about him, and then I thought about him quite a lot, and now he's broken. I'm not saying I did it with my mind. But I do not like it. He's the reason I spent every other on-season weekend for more than a decade with my fingers crossed.


Apr. 15th, 2013 10:56 am
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I just friended someone on Facebook (the bravest thing I'll do all month) of whom I've always been slightly in awe. She ran the branch of the women's group I volunteered with in 2004, though her main career was to do with farming practices, and also she taught microbiology. She lives in Mumbai now, where she was born: I met her in Dharamsala. She divorced her husband (in a friendly fashion) because they were bored of one another, in a region where divorce is not a slight thing, she did nothing for the sake of making an impression, she always wore jeans, she thought Jagori's calender celebrating the beauty of genitalia 'rather silly', and she smoked in public quite a lot. I always thought she was kind of amazing.

Anyway, Facebook informs me that she's just celebrated her 60th birthday by riding across Florida on the back of her nephew's Harley Davidson. So I was right.
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This is about how I went up to Bandra on Saturday to stand outside Shah Rukh Khan's house, and there weren't very many people there, which is strange because people aren't normally so wrong, and then later that evening I went on a Mumbai By Night tour and I slightly foolishly told the guide, Jagdish, that I'd spent a portion of the morning standing outside Shah Rukh Khan's house. Jagdish said that Shah Rukh Khan isn't particularly popular anymore because he thinks he's such a big star. No, I failed to say, he KNOWS he's such a big star. He's not an idiot. There's not much point in his pretending he isn't a big star. I mean, yes, he does slightly preface a lot of his interviews with a contextualising statement about what a big star he is, but SO WHAT? And I didn't say any of that. I asked who was popular at the moment, and Jagdish said Salman Khan. That's Salman Khan who's about to go on trial for running over and killing a street sleeper with his SUV. Oh world.

Quite near Shah Rukh Khan's house is a giant poster with Amir Khan's face on it. I thought that was fabulous.
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Did anyone do the Araucaria crossword last Saturday in which he made his announcement? I can't imagine anyone's saving last Saturday's Guardian crossword for enjoyment at a future date, but I shan't spoil it just in case - here's a link to an article that explains it.And here's a trigger-warning behind a cut-tag. )I received the news by solving the clues. It made for a sadly memorable crossword: sad and witty and bold and typical.

In other news, I'm going to India this weekend with [livejournal.com profile] slemslempike. Not for the weekend, which would be hilarious and extravagant, but until about February the 20th or some such date. Some date that marks the beginning of jobseeking - though I keep finding reasons to put that back - because freelancing doesn't work and I've spent almost all my savings on India. I drained the last of my ISA into my current account last week, which was an unsettling feeling. I'll have some left on my return, but really not very much, and that's really what's going to dictate the onset of the dreaded j_bs__k___g. But yes. India. APPARENTLY. Lots of it. I intend to access the internet intermittently en route, though probably more Facebook and Twitter than here because ... this is a sad answer ... they're less deceased. Also they let me edit my typos. But here as well. I also intend to make [livejournal.com profile] slemslempike eat at a restaurant in the middle of Deer Park in Hauz Khas, where the house special is a kebab on a flaming sword. A friend of mine says I was impossibly despondent last time I came back from India, so apologies in advance if that happens this time as well. I'll try not to be. Jobseeking though. Ugh.

I watched some of the Blandings adaptation last night and found it quite funny. I've not actually read much of the Blandings stories - it's only the Jeeves stories I've read in their entirety - but a Wodehouse/Spall combo does sound sufficiently tailor-made for me that it'd be rude to ignore it. I used to get hugely (well, moderately) annoyed by the generic Adapting Wodehouse objection that it's not worth it because so much of the pleasure is in the narrative voice that you necessarily lose, which doesn't hold up for Clive Exton' Jeeves and Wooster because Wooster is he narrator and we get plenty of his voice, and the sentences you miss you're allowed to look up in the books. Sometimes I think adaptation-objectors believe a tv version is going to actually overwrite the source material so no-one can ever enjoy it again. Also Exton, or the director, or someone, introduced so much effective visual comedy to th Jeeves and Wooster adaptations that the gap felt pretty much filled. I think the objection holds a little more water in this case because you do lose what the omniscient narrator says and there's not barrel-loads of sufficiently similar dialogue knocking around to make up for it. But what you get is still funny.

I want cake.
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'I think I hear things other people don't hear' - Waylon Jennings on Willie Nelson's voice. I had to stop livetweeting the DVD of the Highwaymen 1990 tour before I disintegrated into caps lock slashy thoughts punctuated only with the word 'oh'.

Bonus thought on cheesecake: if you haven't bothered to bake it you lose points for effort.
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Imagine I just made them. I have so much energy for things I'm incapable of doing, and then I am enabled and away the energy goes. But I'll endeavour to do the end of year meme some time before the end of this year. Mostly it was a year of sport being awful to me.

(News from Twitter: Shah Rukh Khan's playing Rahul in his next film; Shah Rukh Khan is also featuring in a new Farah Khan film, which must mean they're basically friends again; a friend of mine was once an extra in a Farah Khan film, and I did not know this; I'm going to be in Mumbai in a few weeks time and probably shouldn't spend all my time there - three days - trying to be an extra in Shah Rukh Khan and Farah Khan's new film. That's about it. It's quite themed.)
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I can't remember what I was going to say now.
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1. Things that make me laugh:
a. Most of the things that Graeme Garden says.
b. That footage of the Apollo 17 astronauts singing 'I was strolling on the moon one day' and then arguing about whether or not they ought to be singing 'May' (for the rhyme) or 'December' (for the truth). Singing and arguing on the actual moon. Everything everyone else did on the moon was comparitively rubbish.
c. Small dogs.
d. Wrinkly dogs.
e. Petty ranting.
f. I had LOADS of things for this list and I've forgotten them all.
g. I'm not going to start listing sitcoms, 'cause I'm sensitive.
h. Albert and Harbottle.

2. I was on a bus yesterday and the left rear tyre exploded. It was less exciting than it sounds: there was a whacking great bang that felt and sounded like someone had dropped a cannonball. And the cannonball was full of nitroglycerin. Well, not quite like that. We all looked around to see whose elephant had expired or which window had fallen onto whose head, and then we noticed that the bus (which hadn't veered off the road or anything and was carrying on relatively regardless) sounded unwell and felt a bit draggy and rumbly and as though it were slightly more in contact with the tarmac than it strictly ought to be, and then people started saying 'Tyre, maybe', and the driver pulled up and had a look. And it was indeed a tyre maybe. Luckily we were only about a mile from our destination by that time, and another bus turned up to rescue us. So now I know what it's like to be sitting on a bus when its tyre explodes. I'm glad it wasn't more exciting. The driver did say 'I'm just glad we're all here', which suggested that it had the potential to be considerably more exciting, but very little fun.

3. This morning, while sort of working, I watched a DVD of a King's Singers Christmas concert at LSO St Luke's, which I think is where I saw Paul Simon a few years ago. I was only sort of working because I found the King's Singers' faces too interesting to ignore, and staring at them cut into my writing time. I like the King's Singers. They're about the closest I'll ever come to enjoying classical music, which I mostly can't abide, and yes, I am happy to make massive generalisations about classical music. It's ALL like that. (Except the William Tell overture, and the 'We Like Sheep' song.) I count the King's Singers as sort of classical because sometimes they sing in Latin, though also they sing Jingle Bells. Into camera. Terrifyingly. I'm over my MASSIVE fear of the King's Singers these days though, mostly. When I was four I found them quite upsetting, partly because they're echoey and ominous and sound a bit like Tim Follin's theme to Ghouls 'n' Ghosts on the C64, and partly because a leaflet got stuck under the turntable one time and warped 'Hark Now Hear the Angels Sing' to a nightmarish degree. That also gave me a short-lived fear of leaflets. I didn't know what leaflets were when I was four and my mother told me, not expecting it to lead to trauma, that the record had gone evil because of the corrupting effects of a leaflet. I took it for some sort of plague or zombie invasion or general force of decay. Like Zalgo. (If you don't know what Zalgo is, don't look it up and still expect to sleep tonight.) (He comes.) Hence a lot of 'Let's look at these leaflets', 'ARRRRRGGGGGH, LEAFLETS'. In my head, obviously. I wasn't the sort of child to scream and run away from something that terrified me. I was the sort of child to wish I had the strength of character to scream and run away from things that terrified me instead of meekly submitting. I still am. Anyway, that's not a problem anymore, and I enjoyed the DVD. I especially liked matching the voices to the faces. I got them all wrong. The man I picked as the baritone turned out to be the counter tenor.

4. I do not self-identify as clever. This isn't going to turn into a paragraph. I just didn't know what to write in point 4 and decided to write the first string of words that came into my head, and those are they. They're quite true, though a weird and wordy way to say 'I'm not clever'.

5. Boo to the five things rule.
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I've just sent my brother the saddest, most impersonal in-joke free Christmas card I've ever sent him. 'Cause it's a joint card to him and Rousseau. NO FESTIVE PEEP SHOW QUOTATIONS FOR HIM THIS YEAR. And definitely nothing about Lost.
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My brother and I watched every episode of Peep Show together during a major catch up at the beginning of last year, but I can't talk about the new Peep Show with him because he's decided not to watch it on the grounds that his girlfriend doesn't like it, and god forbid they spend half an hour a week doing their own thing. I asked him if he liked everything she liked and he said 'Yes, actually'. Then I remembered that she likes New Who, which he's hitherto loathed. I asked him, my lower lip wobbling unwomanfully, how he was feeling about New Who these days, and he said that he was really coming around to it. Then I said something rude about David Tennant and he laughed weakly in a way that suggested he didn't want to be laughing at all, and then I terminated the conversation. I'm sorry to all the people reading who like New Who. I'M SO SORRY. All I'm saying is that I don't know this man anymore.
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They were all cats owned by characters in British sitcoms. Ponsonby was Reginald Perrin's cat, Empress belonged to the Mainwarings, Bubbles was Blackadder's cat in the first series and Vienna was Rigsby's. 
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[livejournal.com profile] peeeeeeet's been making first round Only Connect whatsnames. Quizzes. I have done likewise. Except that I forgot to put the points in the cuts and can't be bothered to go back and do it, so here they are:

Clue 1: 5 points
Clue 2: 3 points
Clue 3: 2 points
Clue 4: 1 point

You may guess the connection between these things in comments (and say how many clues you needed). Or not. Live as you please within reason.

Clue 1 )

Clue 2 )

Clue 3 )

Clue 4 )
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... shall I wear what Sandi Toksvig wore to David Mitchell's wedding?

It's kind of amazing. Are those aviator goggles? On her top hat?


Nov. 11th, 2012 11:04 pm
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Only 8 squares of the cake were consumed. 15 went unclaimed. THEY ARE MINE NOW.
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I have decorated it with abstract expressionism.
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1. Amitabh Bachchan's talking to Shah Rukh Khan on twitter. It's one of my very favourite things, Amitabh Bachchan talking to Shah Rukh Khan on twitter. He's telling him he shouldn't have travelled overnight from Kolkata to Delhi because he could've given him a lift. JFLKFHNGGG. I agree with Amitabh Bachchan on this one. Shah Rukh Khan should not have done that, and he must never do it again. (My subject line, by the way, is the most amazing tweet anyone ever sent. It was something AB said to SRK a few years ago when SRK was bored and lonely and convalescing from one of his many wounds. It's fairly perfect. EDIT: Actually I think it was a thing AB said in his blog rather than on twitter, but this does not lessen its amazingness. Good.)
2. David Attenborough is such a necessary human being.
3. Lisa Riley dancing triggers my automatic grin reflex.
4. I made an iced toffee cake that I think looks quite delicious. It's for a bonfire party. Not for me to eat in its entirety. I can cope with this.
5. I cannot cope with this.

EDIT OF JOY. I mean '6'. SRK has responded to AB's tweet with 'sorry sır...mıssıng u now...should have stayed back...would have played some board games...bah!!!' ALWAYS WITH THE GAMES. There should be a film or something.


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