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(Note: the formatting in this post is a bit dreadful, because I hate rich text and I forgot. Sorry.)

I've found an LJ post-in-progress from two years ago. It's about Voyager. I have no idea if I ever posted it, but I checked when it was written and on the same day I posted a massive rant about how boring DS9 is. That's basically what the Voyager post was descending into, so probably it never really saw the light of day. Though I do remember fretting publically about the rights of sentient holographic beings. So maybe it did. I don't know. This is a representative paragraph:

Spoilers, but I don't know for which episode. It mostly says I LOVE JANEWAY AND ALSO TUVOK, GOOD. )

That's actually quite representative of the entirety of 2010. I haven't seen an episode of Voyager in forever, 'cause that channel disappeared, and I loved it awfully much. Great days. Ish. I have a few episodes on VHS and should probably watch them before I have to get rid of all my stuff (or whatever), except right now I'm watching series 1 of Whose Line is it Anyway? I could do several paragraphs of Tony Slattery/Mike McShane worship now. Or I could get the same effect by rereading everything I wrote in 2009.

I've not been watching anything like enough proper telly of late. Quite a lot of Blockbusters. But nothing new. Or narrative. I can't be that scarred by Lost, surely. I've been watching the new episodes of Time Team. That's also not narrative. I was going to say it also lacks a fandom, but on reflection I bet that isn't true. Someone will have written Mick/Phil. Possibly my mother. Oh! I've been watch the telly version of Just a Minute. My father said he didn't think Just a Minute ought to be a televised, in a way that suggested he felt quite strongly about it. I think if you feel that strongly about it you can just close your eyes. I like the televised version 'cause last Tuesday Paul and Julian were sitting next to one another and they interacted. Lots. With their eyes. And you wouldn't get that on the radio. So it's worth it just for that. Good.

I've been watching DVDs sometimes, including Fifteen Storeys High, which [ profile] slemslempike introduced me to in February. I rather took to it: in some ways (Paul's being awfully rude to Josie in this episode) in both its set-up and its tone, it's quite reminscent of Nightingales. But I can't make my brother take to it (I put it on while he was in the room but by the second episode I noticed he had earphones in), so I have to watch it when he's not around. And also I finally got hold of the DVD of The Trip (I don’t know why I say finally as though I’ve been actively hunting it down for endless months, but anyway, that) and then watched it all in two days, which seems silly in retrospect. I should’ve watched an episode a day for a temporally realistic experience. But I didn’t. There we go. I’ve been enjoying it lots, possibly moreso than when I saw it properly on telly, and that’s maybe due to surrounding myself with unofficial supporting material, like the fic and the interviews and the terrifying online menus. Also I have oddly fond memories of the time it was originally screened (the bit of 2011 before my cat fell ill). But yes. I enjoyed it as a whole and as episodes and many individual scenes, and also I enjoyed the noises on the menu screens. This is a list of highlights:

Trip stuff. )

There endeth the Trip highlights. What else can I put in this SCREEN BASED POST? I know.

Spoilers for the film of The Hunger Games; ignorance of the books. )

That's it anyway. That's me and visual entertainment for the time being. Maybe I'll watch something with an active fandom one day. HA HA HA. Well, maybe.

And now, gentlemen, to bed.


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