May. 17th, 2012

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1. Me mate Matt's on the Dundee International Book Prize longlist for his novel The Folded Man (he says it's about a drug-addled mermaid called Brian - I remember his starting this one some years back, though I didn't know he'd finished it, let alone brilliantly). I have ALL THE PRIDE. (See? I'm not ALWAYS horrid.)

2. Swimming is quite a good treatment for unmedicated period pain, if you manage not to drown, but it's better not to badly mistime your analgesics, though what can you do if your womb lining decides to make a move at 2am? (Is that the sort of thing I'm meant to cut? Sorry.)

3. When I was swimming the other day, and also quietly moaning, the radio (which is always on my tiny adorable local swimming pool) started to play 'Make Your Own Kind of Music'. Luckily no-one was close enough to witness my Unusual Reaction to this song (hilarity mixed with nostalgia mixed with bitter bitter regret - it's a Lost thing, if that combo didn't give it away).

4. I'm accidentally writing about four different things at the same time, and when I say writing I do usually mean staring.

5. I'm not watching ... masses. But I had a birthday and for my birthday my brother gave me the DVD of Mike Leigh's Topsy Turvy, which I saw last year apart from the last five minutes or so, and I hope to watch that soon. Also my parents gave me the complete Dad's Army, which, be quiet, I love it a bit. And a tiny mini PClet netbook type thing. I'm saying that quietly with shame because oh my the extravagence, and it was a thing I'd stated I was going to buy some time this year with absolutely no intention of that coming across as a HINT HINT type statement and they bought me one and it's a bit absurd and I love him: he's called Hamish; you saw none of this.

6. My shins are cold.


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